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Article Error Page Codes
This tutorial will show you a few of the most common error codes a server may return. There are...
Views: 776
Article How to Clear Your Cache in Internet Explorer
This tutorial will assist you with clearing your cache, which will help your computer run better....
Views: 641
Article How to do a Ping
The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you how to do a ping. Pinging is a command which tells...
Views: 639
Article How to do a TELNET on a PC (Windows) OS
From time to time you may need to perform an operation called "TELNET".You can use TELNET to...
Views: 650
Article How to do a Tracert
This tutorial will show you how to run a trace route on a Window operating system. If you are...
Views: 624
Article How to take a Screen Shot
This tutorial is going to teach you how to take a screen shot of something on your computer....
Views: 657
Article Installing TELNET Client in Windows Vista
By default, Vista doesn't install the Telnet client.The client is for text-based communication...
Views: 668


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